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All books on The Prolific Reader are available to download for free via instaFreebie. It’s the perfect way to find your new favourite author.

There are over 450 books on The Prolific Reader, from 370+ authors, spanning 26 genres. Poetry is the latest genre to be added.

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Featured Books for This Month

  • Freebies: Share the Moon by Sharon Struth

    Share the Moon
    by Sharon Struth

    Amazon Author Page

    Preview – Contemporary Romance

    A small town, a big lake, old secrets and ever-raw losses–Share the Moon, first in the Blue Moon Lake Series, grabs all of those in a top hat, stirs it up a bit, and manages to pull out magic.

  • Young Adult books Freebies: Air and Ash by Alex Lidell

    Air and Ash
    by Alex Lidell

    Preview – Young Adult

    Master and Commander meets Sarah J Maas in a seafaring adventure of duty, love, magic, and a princess’s quest to protect her kingdom on her own terms.

  • Freebies: Share the Moon by Sharon Struth

    Sleeper Hit
    by Madisyn Ashmore

    Amazon Author Page

    Novel – Contemporary Romance

    Steamy New Adult Romance featuring a Hollywood billionaire and his quest to find love.

  • Jennifer Stevenson Coed Demon Sl***s

    Coed Demon Sl**s: Beth
    by Jennifer Stevenson

    Amazon Author Page

    Preview – Women’s Fiction

    Beth becomes a succubus when her husband of 28 years dumps her. She can’t accept her team’s help until she learns about what she has become, who she’s always really been, and who she wants to be.

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a rey

there are 7 – SEVEN ! categories of Fantasy. Can we get at least one LGBT category? Please. I know the I can filter for them, but it would be easier if we had equal access to them

Suzanne Jenkins

Great selection!


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helen allan

This is a great opportunity for authors and for readers because readers can also join the mailing list of their favorite authors and continue to receive free books. I’m personally looking for ‘advance readers’ people who read my novels before they are released and post reviews on the day they come out.

Lois Welsh

Helen Allan I am always looking for a new Author that I can read their books and do a review.

helen allan

That’s great Lois. I write children’s, young adult and adult fiction. If you go to my website: and press the FREE button you will automatically go onto my list and be sent free advance reader copies of books, novellas and short stories I have coming out. My new novella, The Sea Tips, will be launched on May 30. Happy Reading!

Sherri Chadwell
Thank you so much for all the very hard and time consuming work you have put into this opportunity for folks like me! I read a lot. Often I will read 5-6 books per day, some on my kindle and others I buy as paper or hardbacks. I am disabled and on tight budget just like most readers so your hard work getting these free books where I can easily find them is much appreciated! Please continue this service, I will send a small contribution to your “chocolate” fund as soon as my payday arrives. Your hard word is a… Read more »