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All books on The Prolific Reader are available to download for free via instaFreebie. It’s the perfect way to find your new favourite author.

There are over 450 books on The Prolific Reader, from 370+ authors, spanning 25 genres. Romantic Comedy is the latest genre to be added.

Books are continually being listed, so save this page to your bookmarks or favourites (CRTL+D if you’re using a PC) and check back often.

Authors — looking to add your permafree instaFreebie book to The Prolific Reader? Head on over here to submit your listing.

Readers start here: Check out the featured books for this month, then scroll down and select a genre to view, or browse through the entire catalogue of books.

Featured Books for This Month

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Angi Warner Baugh

I just love this and getting shoes for new books every day and thank you so much for taking the time to pick them and give them to us for free! I really appreciate it and I usually end up finding a book I really like I just love all the free books that you offer and finding that one book that you really like and then buying the other side to it so thank you for offering us a chance to get a glimpse at a series without paying for it.

Jodi Osborn

Thank you for the mega list of books. Many of the authors are new to me. Great opportunity to find new faves!


Thank you very much for the free books. I am an avid reader with not much money to spend on books so this is very much appreciated. Thank you!


I just love your site. So many free books with authors that are new to me. I can’t wait to start into my newest selections of books. Thank you so much


Thanks so much


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Jessica Wilhelmsson

I really really LOVE all your freebies! Thank you and thanks to all authors! I Read a lot, cause I am home with 3 diffrent chronichal diswases so I spend a lot of time in bed. I have found a lot of good Books and I’m so grateful when you give away all or the Most of the Books in a serie. Even if ebooks are cheaper them paperbacks I can’t buy all the Books I would. I like to many of the first book in to many series
Blessed be


Nice work – maybe more romance titles?

Dianna Slowey-Thomas

Thank you so much for all the wonderful books! I have no doubt that I’ve found a few authors to follow ?


If you would enter them by the date they were put on, +/date they will be taken off, and note these dates, people could go to the just-in-time-to-get-them-before-they-go books, or the books that are new since they last checked, without duplicating effort. Thanks for making it easier to navigate!