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  • Christian Fiction Freebies: >Candyfloss Guitar by Stephen Marriot

    Added: Apr 06, 2017

    Candyfloss Guitar
    by Stephen Marriott


    Will Diego commit to making an honest living, or will he confront his destiny on the road where a million pilgrims have passed before him?

  • Christian Fiction Freebies: The New Pastor by Sherman Cox

    Added: Apr 05, 2017

    The New Pastor by Sherman Cox

    Amazon Author Page


    Elliot James has been postponing life. He applied for the secretarial position at Bethel Community Church, but in a case of mistaken identity Elliot is hired for the open pastoral position.

  • Christian Fiction Freebies: Out of a Dream by Rosemary Hines

    Added: Mar 25, 2017

    Out of a Dream by Rosemary Hines


    Searching for answers to a series of nightmares, Michelle embarks on a journey that takes her far from her Christian heritage, leading her into a web of mysticism and deception.

  • Christan Fiction Freebies: Gifted Love by Dionne Grace

    Added: Mar 23, 2017

    Gifted Love by Dionne Grace

    Amazon Author Page

    Short Story

    Carly and Nathaniel, find love, a hidden love they never before explored. But Carly has a secret. What will Nathaniel’s reaction be once he discovers the truth?

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