You call that art?

These are all quite amateurish, but I do enjoy taking the time to sit down and draw something. I started art class in August 2015 to – hopefully – improve my skill in this area. I can only attend once a fortnight, so try to practice in-between, though sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day. I can only hope that as my journey into the world of art continues we’ll get to see some real progress, otherwise I shall have to stick to writing!

UPDATE: 20 November 2015
I’ve progressed to pastels. The idea of working with colour is really exciting, yet I’m a little hesitant, as I know that pastels can smudge quite easily. I hope to have a set of soft pastels of my own by Christmas – currently I’m using my teacher’s pastels – so that I can practise outside of class. They cost a lot more than graphite pencils though … there goes my chocolate budget for the next six months.



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Bob Shacklock Sr

From what i am seeing it looks pretty good, i am starting to get into painting with acrylic paint trying to do a landscape not but stuck trying to get the right mixture for the mountains, but ill get it and continue. irt a ongoing learning process.

Suzanne Jenkins

I love original art book covers! What a great talent you have!

Alfreda Montecalvo

Love the sunset and the animals, the eyes of the animals make them come alive.

Dianna Slowey-Thomas

Wow! Wonderful work! I rather like some of your earlier stuff, and agree that you excell with animals. I love the black and white drawings, or those with minimal color. Your details make the animal drawings almost come alive. It’s interesting and exciting to see the progression of skill, but it is obvious you have a natural talent. Looking forward to following your continued development.

Alyssa Janine

Love those arts! I do draw too but not like yours. 😀 I’m more into houses. 😀