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Contemporary Fiction

  • Contemporary Romance Freebies: Temptation by K.C. Oliver

    Added: Jun 01, 2017

    by K.C. Oliver


    Their clashing personalities and need for control were rivaled only by the passion that consumed them. If they’re not careful, the emotions they fight to ignore will bring them and the company down.

  • Contemporary Fiction Freebies: Trent by Deidra D. S. Green

    Added: Feb 10, 2017

    by Deidra D. S. Green

    Amazon Author Page


    Trent Morrison III is the kind of man dreams are made of. Tall, dark, handsome and intelligent, Trent is the total package. Trent could have any woman he wanted, and he did.

  • Contemporary Fiction Freebies: Autism Goes to School by Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell

    Added: Dec 17, 2016

    Autism Goes to School
    by Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell

    Amazon Author Page


    After suddenly receiving custody of his 5-year-old son, Ben must learn to be a father to an autistic child. Teacher Mel Nichols thinks Ben is a dead-beat dad but sees his determination and can’t help but be impressed. With her help, they might just become a family.

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