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Young Adult

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  1. Hey, all! I love the new setup, especially with dates. It makes it so much easier to find new books. I DON’T like the pop-ups which KEEP popping up every time you change genres/pages. The time savings by streamlining how the books are listed are now gone because one has to close two pop-ups repeatedly in order to see the listing of books. Could you perhaps have them stop after the first couple pages? If they have to be there I’ll still visit…just not quite as happily.
    Thanks for setting up such an awesome site.

    1. Post

      Hi Larry,

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve tweaked the pop-ups, so hopefully they won’t be quite as annoying. (I’m still getting the hang of the various settings.) They’re only here short-term to promote a couple of things.

      I’m glad the new setup is making things easier for you. Ease of use is what it’s all about … and finding new books!

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