Supanova, Here I Come!


Supanova is just around the corner (April 16–17), at the Melbourne Showgrounds. This will be the first ever pop culture event I’ve attended, and it just so happens I’m going there as an exhibitor. That means I’m there for the entire weekend, and hopefully will have a bit of free time to wander around and check out all the celebrities that will be on-site.

Team Mel consists of myself, my son Kyle, and a good friend of ours, Mei Teo, who designed the covers for the first two books in my ‘Angel Series’. You can check out Mei’s blog here and her YouTube channel here. Between the three of us my table will be well manned.

As I’m an introvert, the thought of interacting with people in the real world is somewhat daunting. To overcome that I’m going to get dressed up — cosplay style. That way I can pretend to be a different me, kind of like acting. This different me is confident, sassy, way more fun to be around, and not scared of talking to anyone. At least, that’s what I hope she’s going to be like.

I’ve bought a pull-up banner, business cards and ‘subscribe for a free e-book’ forms and will have autographed copies of my books for sale, at a discounted price — buy both and you get an even bigger discount.

I’m also going to be playing (on loop) the book trailers I’m working on, to try and attract a bit of attention. I have to be careful to ensure they’re suitable for viewers of all ages. If not, I can’t play them. It’s a challenge, but I love a good challenge and am prepared to give it a go.

I’ll post some photos and an update on how the event went as soon as I have a chance.

So, if you’re going to Supanova Melbourne, pop by stand #39 in the Indie Author Zone of The Alley and say hello to Team Mel. I’d be grateful of a kind word and friendly face.


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Good luck Mel, all the best and hope you generate loads of sales!! Enjoy the alter-ego, can so relate;-)